Super Bowl Mania

Super Bowl Sunday is less than a week away. Heat up the grills, pull out your jerseys, and get ready to cheer. While people will gather and have a good time celebrating or agonizing over the result of the Super Bowl, unfortunately, some people will take it too far. People have a tendency to feel that they have won the game and need to celebrate. This celebration can get excessive and lead to riots, violence, and vandalism. 49th Street Bail Bonds looks back at riots that have occurred at sporting events.

On January 31, 1999, after Super Bowl 33, the Broncos vs. the Falcons, Broncos fans caused mayhem in downtown Larimer Square after the Broncos won the championship. There were injuries, broken windows, and arrests. Other sporting events, such as NBA championships, have caused worse damage. On June 17, 2010, Lakers fans took to the streets near Staples Center after the Lakers won the NBA championship. These “fans” set cars on fire, broke windows and were intoxicated. Other riots have included fans rocking buses, clogging traffic, and throwing bottles and rocks at police.

While being happy that your team won is great, rioting or committing acts of vandalism is not. Public intoxication is also illegal. If you do end up celebrating a little too much and need a bond, call 49th Street Bail Bonds at (727) 592-0000.

We are here 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year long, including Super Bowl Sunday. We have bonded people out of jail for numerous charges like public intoxication, DUI, vandalism, petty theft, domestic violence, and more. We can help you too! Contact us now to start the bail bond process.

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Enjoy the Super Bowl with friends and family, but remember, if things get out of hand, we are only a phone call away!