Stop Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when a child or teen is bullied via an electronic device.  This includes emails, text messages, instant messaging, social media, online forums, and chat rooms.  The child or teen receives a message that harasses, threatens, or humiliates them.  Summer is quickly approaching, and children and teens will have more free time to spend on electronic devices.  How can a parent help make sure that their child/teen isn’t being cyberbullied? 

49th Street Bail Bonds offers these tips for parents:

  • Talk to your child/teen about cyberbullying. Let them know what it is and that you are there to help if they experience it
  • Monitor your child/teen’s use of electronic devices. Know what sites they visit
  • “Like” and “Follow” the social media accounts that your child/teen is on so that you can monitor them
  • Consider installing parental-control software on the devices that your child/teen use
  • Set limits on how long your child/teen can use their electronic devices
  • Teach your child/teen to be careful of what they post. Make them realize that anything they post can be seen and affect others

If your child or teen is a victim of chuberbullying, follow these tips:

  • Do NOT respond to a cyberbully
  • Report the cyberbully immediately to the proper authority. For example, if cyberbullying occurs on Facebook, report the bullying to Facebook or if the cyberbullying is occurring through a school social media account, report it to the school
  • Block posts from the cyberbully
  • Consider changing contact information, such as email and phone number
  • Make copies of all of the cyberbullying messages, including text and e-mails 

Your child/teen might not share that they are being bullied to you

Your child/teen might not inform you that they have been cyberbullied.  They might feel embarrassed or guilty.  Look for signs that they are being cyberbullied, such as:

  • Your child/teen becoming upset after looking at a text, email, or social media post
  • Your child/teen stops talking to you or becomes secretive about using their technology
  • Your child/teen withdraws from activities that they once found enjoyable or seems angry or depressed
  • Your child/teen avoid school or group activities

If you do discover that your child/teen is a victim of cyberbullying, then do not take away their phone or electronic device.  They are often afraid that this will be their punishment and don’t want to lose their phone or device.  Instead, keep an open line of discussion and follow the above tips.  Of course, if your child/teen receives any messages with threats of violence, child pornography, explicit pictures or messages, or pictures taken where your child/teen’s privacy was exploited, then report this to the police. Cyberbullying can turn into stalking or a hate crime.

Has your child/teen been charged with cyberbullying?

49th Street Bail Bonds wants to help keep your children and teens safe.  Please monitor your child/teen’s use of electronic devices. Cyberbullying can be hurtful and dangerous. If your child is facing charges, let 49th Street Bail Bonds help. 

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