How Quickly Can I Get Out Of Jail Once My Bail Bond Is Posted?

Depending on the charges, bonding from jail will take some time.  It could take upwards of several hours for the jail to process your paperwork once  you are booked in jail.

Who Can Bond Me Out Of Jail?

Anybody can bond you out of jail provided they have the available funds.  It could be your spouse, brother, sister, niece, nephew, grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, friend, manager, supervisor, your own child.  Anybody can bond you out of jail.

handcuffs next to a gavel

What Is The Next Step Once I Bond From Jail?

After you bond from jail you must stay in touch with our Clearwater, Florida bail bonds agency.  Our number is 727-592-0000.  You must show up for your scheduled court appearance.  Our office will stay in touch with you to remind you of your court date.  If you do not show up you will be arrested again and put back in jail.  

What If I am Arrested Outside Of The State Of Florida?

You would need a Transfer Bail Bond to be bonded out of jail in another state.  A Transfer Bond allows somebody to bond you out of jail from our Clearwater, Florida Bail Bonds office.  A Transfer Bond saves time and money so whomever is bonding you out does not need to leave the state and travel to the county where you were arrested to purchase a bail bond.  Not all bail bondsmen offer Transfer Bail Bonds.  This is one of the many reasons defendants choose to work with 49th Street Bail Bonds, we are the bondsmen on 49th!

What Does It Cost To Purchase A Bail Bond From A Clearwater, FL Bail Bondsman?

Each bail bonds agency must charge the same price.  Legally we cannot cut deals, give discounts or special offers.  It is against the law for a bail bondsman to discount their bail price.  In Florida, the price of a bail bond is 10% of your bond amount.  If your bond is set at $1,000.00 or less, your minimum bail bond fee is $100.00.  If you are charged with a federal crime the bail bond fee percentage may be more. 

Can I Miss My Court Date For A Dr. or Dental Appointment?

No!  You cannot miss your court date for a Dr. or dental appointment.  If you miss your court appearance you will be arrested again and put back in jail.

What If I Am Sick And I Miss My Court Date?

If you miss your court date you could be charged with failure to appear.  You may also face additional fines and fees.  In Florida, failure to appear is usually a first-degree misdemeanor.  If you were initially charged with a felony and you do not appear at your scheduled court date you run the risk of being charged with a third degree felony.