What Is A Search Warrant?

A search warrant is a legal document authorizing a law enforcement official (police officer, sheriff, detective) to enter and search your premises.

Can I Decline the Search Warrant?

No. You cannot decline a search warrant in Clearwater, Florida or any place throughout Florida.  A search warrant is legal and authorizes law enforcement to search for evidence without your consent.

What Can Law Enforcement Legally Search With A Search Warrant?

Legally law enforcement can only search the address that is listed on the search warrant. Officers can only search for the items listed on the search warrant as well.

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How Extensive Is The Search?

A search warrant allows law enforcement to only search the areas specified on the warrant as well as the people stated on the warrant. If the warrant is for a specified address or for specific people, then law enforcement is not able to search other nearby addresses or other nearby people unless specifically stated on the warrant. If you have a friend or family member with you at the time of the search warrant and that person or those people are not listed on the warrant they can be legally detained but not searched.


Can Anybody Who Is With Me During The Warrant Search Be Arrested?

If anybody is with you during the search warrant, they could be detained. In the event that law enforcement finds enough evidence to arrest other people present during the search then yes your friends or family members are subject to being searched and possibly arrested even if their name is not listed on the initial search warrant.


How Is A Search Warrant Obtained In Clearwater, Florida?

A judge must have probable cause to believe there is criminal activity taking place at a specified location and specific persons of interest are involved. A search warrant is specific with regards to the time of day a location can be searched as well as the specific location that can be searched. The warrant is also specific in listing the individuals that are to be searched. A Clearwater, Florida search warrant is also specific with what can be searched for such as looking for drugs, firearms, etc.


Once An Arrest Is Made, Is A Search Warrant Required For Law Enforcement To Search My Property?

No. Once an arrested has been made law enforcement does not need a search warrant to search for evidence.

Is A Search Warrant Required To Search My Car/Vehicle?

No, a search warrant is not needed to search a vehicle if there is probable cause that there is crime evidence inside the vehicle.

As a Clearwater, Florida bailbonds agency we have years of experience bailing defendants out of jail. We have seen several cases where a search warrant was not required when the safety of the general public was at risk. It is this instance where a search warrant is not required and law enforcement can perform their search. In the case where the evidence is in plain view, a warrantless search will be conducted.