Spring Break Safety

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Spring Break in Florida is well underway and will continue into the beginning of May. With Florida being well known for its beautiful weather and plentiful beaches, many tourists venture here for their spring break vacation.

While the practice of Spring Break existed in Europe since the late 1800s, the concept of Spring Break for the United States began in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in the late 1930s. Envisioned initially as a time that people came together to enjoy a swim at the local beach. Today, spring breaks have grown into week-long trips with a crazy party right out of the movies.

For this reason, Spring break tends to become synonymous with many reckless behaviors. As crowds of young people travel to popular beaches, many must be concerned about the dangers associated with this vacation. However, we have five tips that can help you stay safe this Spring Break., Whether you are enjoying a staycation in lovely Florida or dropping in to enjoy all we have to offer, our blog can help.


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Continue reading for 5 helpful tips for your Spring Break safety.

Continue reading for 5 helpful tips for your Spring Break safety.

1. Research your destination
Florida has some of the best locations to get away from the snow and freezing cold. Known as the sunshine state, Florida has amazing beaches and some of the biggest theme parks in the world. Yet, Florida has so much more. From history, shopping, and opportunities to get in touch with nature, you can find your perfect vacation spot here. However, to find perfection, you need to research what you are looking for. Take the time and do some research before beginning your travel. Research provides you with the opportunity to select your activities prior to your arrival, which can save you money as you plan for transportation and book your activities in advance. Florida opens many avenues for adventure in our sunshine. Researching your destination helps to ensure that you have chosen the one that offers the most for you and your group.

2. Pack Wisely
Packing and prepping to be away from home can easily become a Herculean task. When traveling to Florida, you need to be prepared for the weather you are about to encounter during this Spring Break Season. Yet, you want to make sure that you don’t find you have overpacked. Aim only to take what you need. By packing your bags wisely, you make your travel that much simpler, and you ensure that you do not become an easy target for theft.

The most important thing to consider when packing for Florida is the weather. Many tourists fall victim to the sun and heat. With the warm and sunny Florida weather, you want to ensure that you are packing light and breathable clothing. If the beach or pool is in your future, don’t forget to swimsuit. Also, bring your hot gear accessories like hats, sunglasses, flip-flops, and, most importantly, sunscreen.

3. Drink Responsibly
Spring break allows individuals with the great opportunity to enjoy time off from school or work, spending it with friends and family. Yet, it is encouraged to avoid overindulging in alcoholic beverages. Choose to drink responsibly. Drinking too much can easily lead you down a path that you would not normally take. Instead, opt to set a reasonable limit that takes into consideration those with you. Ensure that you are not placing yourself in a dangerous situation because you have chosen to have one too many drinks. More importantly, remember that the legal drinking age in the United States is 21. If you are under the age of 21 on Spring Break in Florida, you CAN NOT drink. If you have a friend or family member under the age of 21, you CAN NOT provide them with alcohol. Both acts are illegal. In the state of Florida, the charge of Underage Drinking and the charge for providing alcohol to minors can land you in jail and/or can result in a fine.

4. Stick with your group.
While on your spring vacation, stick with your group. Plan to use the buddy system and avoid going out alone. Staying in a group reduces your chance of becoming the victim of a crime. While on spring break, it is possible to meet, make or run into new or old friends. However, you should never leave with someone you just met. Many spring breakers have become victims of sexual assault due to their failure to honor the buddy system. It is important that in the spring break chaos that, you can easily become wrapped up in the fun of the moment; however, you should never leave a party alone or with someone that you just met. You should also never let your friend make this mistake as well. If you become lost or you lose your group, contact an authority figure for help.

5. Avoid dangerous or suspicious activity.
While you may be drinking responsibly during your vacation, others may not. Unfortunately, this can lead to intoxicated and aggressive individuals that create dangerous spaces. Whenever possible, do your best to avoid areas where fights may break out. It can be easy to get swept up in the atmosphere and find yourself behind bars, even when only a spectator of a dangerous activity.


Are You Searching For a More Low-Key Spring Break Option?

Maybe you want to avoid some of the normal spring break crowds. Here’s how you can avoid Spring Break chaos.

1. Utilize Private Beaches that have restricted access.

2. Consider alternative spring break locations with less of a reputation for spring party spots.

3. Consider a break outside of the normal spring break window.

Spring Break is not required to be a time of debauchery filled with crime, traffic, property damage, and other negative aspects. By following these tips, Spring Break can be fun and safe.

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