Porch Piracy

The big holiday is only a week away! Last-minute shoppers are taking advantage
of online deals and are anxiously waiting for their packages to arrive. 49th Street
Bail Bonds wants you to be aware that “porch pirates,” those that steal packages
from front porches, are out there and might be targeting your home.

There have been many cases of thieves stealing packages from a neighbor’s front
porch. There was a story last week about a police officer’s wife who was
caught on a surveillance video stealing packages. She stole packages right off of
the front porch of another law enforcement family. The victim posted pictures on
social media, and the alleged thief, Dana Hager, was identified and arrested. She
was charged with unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling, petty theft, and in
violation of probation for an earlier theft. Other thefts have occurred of
packages. In one neighborhood, a thief was caught red-handed by an alert
neighbor. Unfortunately, these thefts do occur and happen more frequently
around the holidays.

49th Street Bail Bonds Tips

Protect yourself from becoming a victim of a porch pirate:

  • Have your package delivered to work or a family member/neighbor’s home
    if you won’t be available to bring the package inside in a timely manner
  • Track your packages and know when they are arriving
  • Send your packages with a signature confirmation requirement – sign to receive your package
  • Send your package to the Fed Ex or UPS location and pick it up there
  • Leave instructions such as drop the package off at the back door, having the doorbell rung when a package is delivered, or any other instructions that you like
  • Insure your packages
  • If you receive lots of packages (especially year-round), then consider getting a mailbox at the post office and picking up your packages from your mailbox
  • Have a friend or neighbor bring in your packages when you are at work

Be aware that thieves target package theft or see it as a crime of opportunity. Frequently, thieves will follow delivery trucks and snatch packages right after they are delivered. The above tips can help minimize the theft of your

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