What Does It Mean To Be Charged With Grand Theft?

grand theft - person stealing expensive jewelry

As the holiday season approaches, people are often strapped for cash. While the streets of Clearwater, Florida, are adorned with colorful lights and festive decorations, not everybody has good intentions in making the holiday merry and bright. While the most anticipated shopping day of the year: Black Friday has come and gone, thieves are still be on the look-out all month long.

Shoplifting continues to rage on due to crowded stores, peer pressure and competition, stress and desperation. What’s more concerning is when the shoplifting escalates into a case of grand theft. Some may think stealing a purse valued at $100, an electronic at $200.00 is no big deal. Shoplifting can be punishable and often these smaller thefts lead to much larger ones and result in charges of grand theft.

What is Grand Theft?
Under Florida law, Grand Theft is any intentional and unlawful taking of property valued at $750.00 or more.

Is Grand Theft a Felony?
Yes. In Florida grand theft is a felony offense. Penalties may include prison, fines, probation, restitution and a permanent criminal record.

What Can Having a Criminal Record Do To You?
If you are charged with grand theft this charge can be tied to you permanently. This is what it means to have a permanent criminal record. It can affect your ability to get a job, maintain a current job, it could be difficult for you to gain a professional license. Having a felony on your record will also affect your rights. You may lose your right to vote, hold a public office, own or possess firearms and serve on a jury. Having a felony on your record can also impact your eligibility to qualify for life insurance. A criminal record will appear when background checks are performed on you.

What If The Case Is Dropped or Dismissed?
Even if the case is dropped or dismissed, the arrest will always show up on your record. There are some cases where a defendant’s record was sealed or expunged. To have your record sealed or expunged one must follow a legal process that will permanently remove the arrest from their record, the result being the arrest will no longer appear in any background checks. It can take anywhere from 8 to 12 months to get your record sealed or expunged and there is a significant fee you would pay an attorney for their work to get this done.

Is It The Thrill Of The Hunt That Leads To Grand Theft?
It could be. It could also be peer pressure, stress, desperation or a simple dare. The penalties and long term repercussions are severe when individuals start dabbling with petty theft or shoplifting. Opportunities for stealing much larger ticket items become more attractive with the more success individuals have in stealing the smaller items.

How 49th Street Bail Bonds Can Help?
At 49th Street Bail Bonds, we understand that anyone can face unexpected legal issues, including those caught in shoplifting incidents during the Black Friday shopping rush. Our mission is to provide unwavering support to individuals navigating challenging legal situations, including theft-related offenses.

Our role in supporting individuals charged with Grand Theft is multifaceted: If you or a loved one are arrested, call us. Our agency specializes in providing bail bond services tailored to various legal scenarios, including Grand Theft. We work diligently to expedite the release process, allowing individuals to return home while awaiting their court date.

With years of experience in the bail bonds industry, we have honed our expertise in handling various legal cases. Our team is well-versed in the specific nuances of theft-related charges, ensuring clients receive the guidance and support they need during this challenging time.

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